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Simple is better

A CRM is no longer useful when it becomes complicated to use. We want to be the most intuitive CRM, exclusively for printers.

Even if you have never used a CRM before.

The origin of a CRM made for printers (and made by printers)

CRMPRINTER was born out of the unique needs of the printing and graphic arts business.

Printers who focus on customer service, on not missing a call, answering the right thing (and at the right time) or remembering each of their customers perfectly.

After testing dozens of ready-made CRMs on the market, we encountered the following problems:

  • Employees who didn’t know how to use it and didn’t want to learn it
  • Functions that nobody understood what they were for
  • Unintuitive and highly technical dashboards (using marketing jargon)
  • Too many dashboards and duplicated data
  • Long implementation times
  • Software that was out of line with our corporate image
  • Hidden prices, limited functionality

So we created our own CRM for printers and by printers. You print, because CRMPRINTER is there for the correct management of tasks and contacts.

Why else would we want a CRM?