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“The simple can be more difficult than the complex”

Steve Jobs

1. Events

Calls, emails, visits, text messages… Whatever happens, add it in a couple of clicks. They will be recorded in the customer’s history.

2. Tasks

All your tasks on a single screen. Our task manager is like having a to-do-list application included in the CRM.

3. Customers

No leads, no prospects, no evangelists, no weird stuff. Customers or potential customers. The badges on each of them say it all.

4. Analytics

Useful statistics and reports. You set the criteria and the CRM gives you useful information to improve your sales and profitability.

5. Products

100% configurable. Add products and nested products. There are so many options in printing that nothing should limit the creation of products.

6. Users

Team-based CRM management. Shared information in the cloud between designers, workshop staff, sales staff…

7. Customisation

It works best with your own corporate image. Customisable panels with your colours and logo to make your users feel at home.

8. Orders

Integrated order management. Even if you have different sales channels, in this CRM you can add the orders and know which converts better.

9. Configuration

All fields are configurable. Not having a customer’s email address should not prevent you from adding the contact. You know what you need and what you don’t.